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Not permitted to drive on medical grounds

You will qualify for Scotland-Wide Free Bus Travel if you have made an application for a motor vehicle driving licence and this application has been refused on medical grounds.

You will also qualify if you currently hold a driving licence but have been advised by DVLA, that due to a medical condition you should no longer drive and you should surrender your driving licence.

In both cases, you must provide a letter from the DVLA (normally D206, D235, D220 or NS57) dated within the last 12 months confirming that your application for a driving licence has been refused or your driving licence has been revoked.

If you have Epilepsy and you have been advised not to drive you can complete an NCT003 certificate, available from your local authority. This declaration should be signed by your Hospital Consultant, GP or Epilepsy Specialist Nurse.

Anyone who has had their application for a driving licence refused or had their licence revoked on grounds, other than medical are excluded from applying under this category.  This includes persistent misuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

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