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Accord Card Application for Primary 7 Pupils

Pupils at all of Aberdeen City Council secondary schools use the Accord Card to pay for school meals and snacks. Similar to a bank account, each pupil has their own electronic catering 'account' and is simply recognised by his or her Accord Card. As your child is moving up to secondary school this year, it's important s/he has an Accord/Saltire Card so s/he can use the catering facilities at the secondary schools.

Before you start the application process!

As part of the online application process we will ask you to upload a photo of your child. The photo should be 'passport style' (i.e. showing head and shoulders and must not have any Snap chat filters or lenses). The photo should not be larger in size than 1mb. You may want to make sure you have a photo handy on your computer, laptop or mobile before you start the application process.


Online Top-Ups - Simple, Safe, Secure!

You can top-up your child's account online at Top-Up online Secondary Schools  . Please remember that you will need your child's Accord Card number to top-up online. The easiest way to get your child's Accord Card number is by signing up to receive a text or email confirmation of your child's number during the application process. We will text you your child's number ahead of their their secondary school visit in June. Once you have the number you can top-up immediately meaning your child has money to spend during the visit. If you don't want to make use of online top-ups, you can give your child cash or a cheque (made payable to Aberdeen City Council) and the balance will be added to their account on the day.

We strongly recommend you top up your child's account online. It's free when using a debit card and guarantees that your child spends the money on a school meal as the school is the only place the money can be spent. It means your child does not need to carry cash to school and removes any possibility of them losing the cash. Topping up online is easy to do and the money is available to spend the next day.

Balance Alerts

You can receive FREE account balance alerts by email when your child's balance drops below £5 and/or a weekly balance alert every Sunday evening. The balance alert has a link to the online top-up page making topping up online as easy as possible.

If your child already is signed up for balance alerts at an Aberdeen Primary School, there is no need to sign up for another alert.

School Catering Allowance

If your child is entitled to a school catering allowance (free school meal) a daily 'allowance' of £2.35 is automatically added to your child's account every day.  This means your child's pays for their meals in exactly the same way than everybody else meaning the free school meal allowance is completely confidential. If you wish to, you can top-up your child's account further allowing your child to spend more than the allocated £2.35.

What if there's a problem?

If your child forgets or loses their card or there's any problem putting money on their card or the balance isn't what they expect, the school office will be able to help. It's important that child contacts the school office as soon as possible so that any problems can be resolved ahead of lunch time.

Other Services and Entitlements

If your child is entitled to services such as Access to Leisure and sport memberships or golf memberships, these will be included on the Accord Card meaning your child does not have to carry separate cards. Two further services we think your child will benefit from are:

  • Proof of Age

The PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram can be added to the Accord Card which means it will be accepted as proof of age across the UK. This is very handy if your child looks younger than their real age, for example when going to the cinema to watch a film which has a 12 certificate, as your child's date of birth is printed on the card. Your child can update your child's photograph via the school office as they hit key ages, e.g. 15 and 18.

  • Young Scot

Young Scot (including EURO<26) can be added to the card for all 11-25 year olds. This entitles your child to discounts and special offers in over 1,800 places across Scotland and in over 200,000 places in 42 European countries. These discounts include money off at Pizza Hut, Historic Scotland sites and 10% off every shop at the Co-Op. To see the full list of offers and discounts visit the Young Scot website. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my child receive their card?

Cards are issued at your child's visit to their secondary school in June.

How do I make sure the card will be sent to the correct school?

We will know which school your child will attend and we will confirm this with each school.

What if my child will be attending an Aberdeenshire school?

If you reside in Aberdeen City, the Accord Card can be used at Aberdeenshire schools for catering. Please do note however that Aberdeenshire Schools use a different catering system meaning you will not be able to top-up online. Your child's Accord Card will be sent to your child's home address during the Summer Holidays.

What if my child will be attending a private school?

If you reside in Aberdeen City you can still apply for an Accord Card. Although it cannot be used for catering purposes, all the other entitlements and services are available. The Accord Card will be sent to your child's home address over the summer break.

Do I need to apply if my child already has got an Accord Card?


My Child already has a card for Free Bus Travel, do I need to apply, will their Free Bus Travel be on the new card

Yes you should still apply, this is to ensure the card you have has an up to date photo and can be set up to work with the schools cashless catering system, We will ensure that all services are carried on one card, once the card is printed, this will be the card they will need to use for Free Bus Travel and School cashless catering, we will send this card home with a letter prior to their visit to Secondary school in June.

My child uses cashless catering in primary school, what happens to the balance when they move to secondary school?

If your child attends an Aberdeen City Council secondary school, any remaining balance will be transferred to their secondary school account for the start of the new school term in August. If your child goes to a private school or an Aberdeenshire school, contact the Accord Office at the end of term and we will arrange a refund for you.

My child uses cashless catering in Primary School, what happens if they have a negative balance when they leave?

It is your responsibility to ensure the balance is cleared prior to them moving up to Secondary school. If there is a negative balance, we will attempt to recover this from any balance at your child's secondary school. If you believe you will be unable to clear this balance, please contact us at Accord Office

I have uploaded my child's photo, but it displayed sideways, is this an issue?

We will make sure that the photo on the card is printed correctly, you do not need to do anything.

I have been locked out the online Primary 7 application what do I do?

Please email or phone on 03000 200 293 and will can arrange for the application to be unlocked and provide any assistance you require.

Why have I been locked out of the online Primary 7 application?

Your login details are validated using data held by your child's primary school. If you are being locked out of the P7 online application, it's most likely that the contact information your primary school holds are out of date.