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MyChoice - the meal order & pament system for Very Sheltered Housing

MyChoiceNew Meal Ordering and Payment System at Coronation Court

The council has completed an extensive review of sheltered and very sheltered housing (The Very Sheltered Housing Review 2015) and one of the key findings of the review is the requirement for a fairer and more consistent approach to meal provision at all very sheltered housing.

We want to ensure that we offer our tenants the best possible meal service and a choice of healthy and tasty menus to choose from while making meal payment simple, fair and flexible throughout the city.


is a new meal order and payment system which delivers a fairer and more consistent approach to meal provision at all of the council's very sheltered housing developments.


replaces the current paper menu with an online system which allows tenants to pre-order and pay for their preferred menu choices. The system means that each tenant has a meal ordering 'account' which is linked to their Accord Card. Meals will be ordered in advance for the week ahead and tenants will use their Accord Card to access their 'account' and place their order.

Ordering meals is easy and straight forward, tenants tap their Accord Card on the card reader attached to the wide screen TV in the dining area. This will open up the system and allows tenants to check their balance, confirm what they've ordered for the current week and to order meals for the week ahead. Menus are displayed in writing and by images of the meals, making meal selection easier.

For tenants that require assistance ordering meals, carers will have mobile devices that they will use with the tenants to place meal orders.

The new system also means that there is now a variety of ways in which tenants and their representative or appointee can pay for meals. Instead of having to wait until the end of the month to receive the invoice, payment can be made online at a time and place that's convenient for you. We also offer tenants and their relatives and appointees the option to receive regular balance alerts either by text message or email so they know what to pay and when. From 29 June 2015 you can sign up for the free balance alerts, simply click the Balance alert button on the right.

Staff will be on hand to provide assistance to tenants who need help to use the new system.


will launch at Coronation Court on 29th June 2015 and council staff will be coming regularly throughout June to Coronation Court to meet with tenants and demonstrate how the system works and answer any questions tenants and their representatives may have. This new meal ordering and payment system will be rolled out to the other very sheltered housing complexes in the next phase of the programme.

We have created a MyChoice video that provides more information on the new system.

In the meantime if you have any questions about MyChoice please contact Bruce Reid, Accord Card Manager on 03000 200293.











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