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Sign up for balance alerts

Parents and carers can now receive balance alerts for their child's Accord Card via text and/or email, so you know when their Accord Card needs to be topped-up. Also, by topping up on-online you no longer need to give your child money to take to school and you know that the money can only be spent in the schools catering facility which provides a healthy and nutritious meal.

There are two types of balance alerts available and you can receive either or both of them:

1. When the balance on the Accord Card drops beneath £5;

2. Balance at the end of the school week (so you know how much to top-up over the weekend).

To sign up, please enter the information below and a welcome message will be sent to you within approximately 30 minutes. If you do not receive a welcome message within 24 hours, please call 03000 200293. Where a balance alert is due, it will be sent at 7pm.

The information you provide below will only be used for Accord Card balance alerts and no other reason.

If you want to receive balance alerts for more than one child, you will need to complete the form below and submit it for each child.



Important Information

The balance alert does not take into account the daily free school meal allowance of £2.35 that is automatically credited to the account of pupils who are entitled. The Balance Alert service only sends alerts based on actual cash loaded to the account, therefore, this service may not be particularly useful (especially the low balance alert) for the parents/ carers of pupils entitled to a free school meal.

Every effort is made to ensure the balance stated in low balance alerts is the balance at the end of each school day, however, there may, very occasionally due to unforeseen technical issues, be times when the balance is 24 hours old.


* Indicates required information


 Please note, the weekly balance information is only available via email.