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Why am I not receiving balance alerts?

Not receiving balance alerts? Emails may be being sent to your spam/junk folder!

With any email service and any set of contacts, some emails will always end up in the spam folder. Every system uses different filtering techniques and some have more robust methods to combat spam than others.

What is Spam?

Think about the letter box in your home; you may receive one relevant piece of mail through your letterbox each day, but you'll probably be familiar with the pile of other paper 'junk mail' advertising things such as your local takeaway to car insurance offers and such like.

Spam is the email equivalent of that 'junk mail'. Possibly unnecessary, often risky; it's sent from someone trying to sell you something, scam you, or trick you into downloading something.

To combat spam, many email providers use spam filters that target and remove emails that, at the very least, meet certain legal criteria. This criteria can be a little overzealous at times.

Depending on what email system you use, there are various options to help ensure emails your school send you do not go to your Spam folder.

1. You can add addresses and domain names that you trust to a whitelist

Incoming emails sent from addresses and domain names in a whitelist are never treated as junk email (they are shown in your inbox) regardless of the content.

You should add the entire domain if possible; this will ensure you get all balance alerts.

For more information on how to do this, simply search for "Add Email to Whitelist for nnn" (where nnn is your email provider such as 'hotmail', 'gmail' or 'btinternet' etc).

If you use a work provided email you may have to speak to your employer's IT department.

2. You can move emails back to your Inbox

Go to the Spam Folder, right click on a balance alert email and choose 'Not spam'. Future emails should not be treated as Spam moving forward, however you should do this on a few historic emails to help your email provider correctly identify future emails.

3. You can add the school email address to your contacts

Simply having the address as a saved contact can prevent emails from that contact going to the spam folder.

If you are still not receiving balance alerts after trying these steps please email to Accord Office or alternatively phone the office on 01224 346834.