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Cashless Catering

Eat better - do better!

Eating healthier food gives you loads more energy to do the things you love for longer, like playing games with your friends. Healthy food can also help you at school as you are less likely to get tired easily and it can also improve your mood and put a smile on your face if you are feeling a bit down. If you are into sports and fancy being an up and coming star, learning which foods are good for building energy or strength is important so the earlier you can learn the basics the better.

The Accord Card is used by pupils at all of Aberdeen City Council's primary and secondary schools to pay for healthy and tasty meals and snacks. Topping up your Accord Card couldn't be easier, just ask your parents/guardian to top-up online . This method is safe, secure and convenient and means that you no longer need to take money to school.

Top ups are accepted to a maximum of £80 at any given time and the amount topped up is credited to your Accord Card when you use it in the dining room at your school or the school office. Please allow up to 48 hours for the payment to be processed.

Alternatively primary school pupils can take money to school and the catering team will load it to your Accord Card. Secondary school pupils can take money to school and load your Accord Card at one of the load terminal at your school or take a cheque to the Accord Administrator at your school. If you use a cheque please ask your parents/guardian to make the cheque payable to 'Aberdeen City Council'!

Free School Meals?

Did you know that you could qualify for free school meals? For more information about school meals and how you could qualify for free school meals visit the School Meals website 

How to get an Accord Card? 

Pupils attending any of the feeder primary schools to Aberdeen City Council secondary schools will receive an Accord Card application pack during the third term of year 7.

Any pupils joining on of Aberdeen City Councils secondary schools from out with Aberdeen City can obtain an Accord Card application form from the school office.   

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