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Balance Alerts FAQ

I am having problems receiving alerts?

If you have signed up for email alerts please check your spam folder to ensure the alert is not being forwarded there by your mail provider. If this is not the case please contact the Accord Office by email and we will look into this for you.

I wish to change my balance alert details?

You can change your contact details or the type of alerts you receive by visiting the  Change Balance Alerts website and completing the form.

The balance alert does not seem to show the correct balance?

If you have made an online payment to your child's account this will only be reflected in the balance alert the following day. If you believe the balance still to be incorrect you can contact the Accord Office  by email or phone03000 200293.

The alert I received shows a last transaction date outside of school hours, why is this?

Online payments are typically processed outside of school hours; this will show as a transaction on the balance alert.

I wish to cancel my balance alert?

If it is an email alert this can be done by replying to the alert with the Subject STOP.