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Sign up for balance alerts

Thank you

Your sign up request for Accord Card balance alerts has been received and we will now validate the details you have provided. If all details are correct you will receive a welcome notification within the next 30 minutes. If you do not receive a message within the next 24 hours, or have any questions about the email/ text you receive please call 03000 200293.

How it works

* For low balance alerts you will receive a text and/or email at 7pm on the day(s) that the balance drops beneath £5;

* For weekly alerts you will receive a text and/or email at 7pm on Sunday confirming the balance at the end of that school day;

* Balance alerts will stop during school holidays and will start the weekend prior to the start of the new term after school holidays;

* Outwith school holidays, if the Accord Card is not used for one week, balance alerts will stop until the card is used again;

* If the Accord Card is not used for an entire school term, your details will automatically be unregistered.


Click Sign Up For Balance Alerts to sign up for another child.